829 Self Oppressions restrict us in reaching our goals

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Most depression does not come from others, but unfortunately, from a source we least suspect, ourselves.

Self-oppression is the condition of letting our own negative thoughts and actions restrict us.

It is an inside job. It is a burdening of our spirit by constant doubt, worry, fear and distraction.

None of us want to be the cause of our own failure in life, yet most often, we are.

According to experts, it is of our own thinking, and our own bad habits that rip the robustness from life. We are the ultimate oppressors of our own happiness.

Self-oppression is evident whenever we limit ourselves. We procrastinate on an important assignment, or on an exciting new account, or an exciting new venture because we cannot overcome our uncertainty. We fool ourselves into thinking that things must be perfect before we release our efforts and work into the world, when the clear reality is, we’re just too undisciplined to get things done.

We lie to ourselves. We break our own resolutions, and allow our dreams to slide away without grasping at them to make them happen.

Is it not clear to us that we can be our own worst enemy? But, we can also be our greatest help.

Through the active expression of our genuine nature, and the steady efforts to master our minds and move our lives forward, we can finally after all this time, experience the freedom and joy that we deserve in life.

This is why we seek personal growth. To be free from the pain we cause ourselves. To make better choices, to feel better about who we are becoming, to act more confidently in business and life situations, and, unleash our full creativity and contributions into the world in order to make our greatest difference.

Gaining personal freedom, in a sense, is letting go of any self-doubt and self-disgust and allowing ourselves permission to become our unique, powerful selves.

It’s in freeing ourselves to be present and genuine in life, that we find trust and confidence in ourselves and grow to master and realize our highest selves. It allows us to find authentic joy in our interactions and experiences in the world and feel motivated and liberated. It is great to see people who have grown to the point that they are free to be genuine.

You need to ask yourself, “Self, are my ambitions, intentions and actions truly of my own choosing? Am I being my genuine self in the world and pursuing things that deeply matter to me?

Am I opening myself up to challenges so that I can stretch and grow into my full potential?” Personal diligence reminds us that personal power is directly tied to personal responsibility.

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