830 Shamrock Foods Team, Frank and Mary Kay Pohl Inducted into AFDR DSR Hall of Fame

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As DSRs of the Month for August, Frank and Mary Kay Pohl are the first “selling team” of DSRs ever inducted into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame! Frank has been a DSR for 35 years and Mary Kay joined him 16 years ago when Frank left his laptop at home while working with another DSR. One of Frank’s longtime customers needed immediate attention and Mary Kay was called into action and they’ve been working as a team ever since.

Many spouses of DSRs help with running their business, but many of them are doing it under the radar of the distributor in fear of management shutting down this practice for many different reasons including liability and such. This team figured out how to get the buy-in from the distributor they work for and it’s turned out great for all parties involved, especially their customers. In this interview, Mary Kay expresses how their customers feel about them working as a team to service their accounts.

Mary Kay does her half of the heavy lifting by building and managing the tough things like A/R and order guides and by reviewing them each day. She says the order guides are one of the most important tools they use. Organizing, pricing and keeping them current helps keep returns and adjustments to a minimum. Mary Kay loves to analyze sales reports and order guides to ensure their customers are using the right product for the purpose.

Frank says most of the time he’s sort of the front man doing most of the prospecting, cold calling and dumpster diving, and when he starts making some headway with a prospect, he brings Mary Kay in on the action to help close the deal.

Listen to Frank’s advice to Greenhorns about why they need to “LIE, CHEAT and STEAL” to be successful in this business AND IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE THINKING!!

Great Sales Tips and Topics Frank & Mary Kay talk about in their audio interview:

  • Prospecting tips on how and what to look for when making initial calls
  • What to look for when making cold calls
  • Studying your competition for their strengths and weaknesses
  • REALLY knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the DSR who is calling on accounts you want, and the ones who are calling on accounts you’re selling
  • Knowing your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Building order guides and keeping them current will the help of your customer and your distributor
  • Relationships and integrity are the big door prizes in this distribution business, so BE HONEST

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!