833: DSR Frustrations Lead to Greatness

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How do the great DSRs stay grounded? They deal with their frustration! Or you might say they make friends with frustration.

It’s almost like they invite it into their life because they know that dealing in a proactive way with the daily issues that come along with being a DSR are frustrating, but rewarding. Whether it’s an issue with a customer, the company they work for or in their personal life, they deal with the frustration because they have learned it leads them to focus on new ways of dealing with issues and new ways of doing things, which leads to greatness.

Could life be trying to deliver you a message about your future? Take your frustration and turn it into greatness. Greatness comes through frustration. Frustration is one of the things that can make you break down and force you to deal with an issue.

You might say to yourself, “I’m not frustrated”.   Right, if you’re not frustrated, you’ve not been working hard enough at growing your business or on trying any new strategies or action plans for opening new accounts or on how you’re going to sell more cases to the accounts you currently have. Additionally, you probably haven’t been working hard enough on developing new relationships, so it’s no wonder you really don’t have much to be frustrated about.

You might be feeling real good about yourself and how things are going in your business life right now… nice and complacent. You’ve got it down, but you’ve not tried working any different or tried anything new in a couple of years. Well my friend, that bike ride will come to an end, and you’ll probably find that to be frustrating.

You might be bothered by a lot of things, but every once in a while you need a good dose of frustration in your life to make you focus and get mad enough to change some things in your life and push you to work harder. Hard work always pays off, always!

Frustration will help you focus. The more frustrated you get, the more you focus on how to make the things work better for all parties involved. You might disassociate yourself from problems and issues or from frustrated people you don’t understand. So if you don’t struggle with something or aren’t dealing with some frustration, then you will probably have a problem seeing the craziness and frustration in someone who does.

Frustration is always trying to tell you something… what to do next. If you follow your frustration, it can direct you to your future.

If you try to push it aside, it’s going to come right back. If you keep pushing it away and let it get the best of you, you end up blaming everybody else you work with, who really have nothing to do with why you’re really frustrated, and it will keep you stuck where you are in life. But, if you learn how to handle it and learn how to treat issues differently, your frustration will lead you on the path to your future greatness.

To be successful, is to be frustrated. Frustration comes from trying new things in your life and business and working at ironing out the kinks and problems with new and better methods. The path to greatness is the fruit of your frustration.   Frustration will make you breakdown issues until you get them figured out.

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