834 Ben E Keith Brian Biggs, DSR of the Month

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Brian Biggs pulled the plug on selling cell phones in order to use his sales talents in a different industry, and now is the latest inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame as the DSR of the Month for September.

Brian’s foodservice career began because of his neighbor who was a sales manager at a foodservice distributor. Biggs started his career there and was trained in the field. Biggs believes that the hands-on training he received versus sitting in a classroom is a big reason why he transformed into a top DSR. He thinks there is a big difference in being out with customers and products than in having a facilitator describe how to handle situations out in the trenches.

Biggs says he learned about products by watching the Food Network and then researching what he saw on TV on the internet to gain enough knowledge to discuss those products with prospects and customers. This DSR of the Month advises Greenhorns to focus on one or two products in a category versus knowing a little bit about the entire category. He explains that being an expert on one or two things really helped him build trust and build relationships with customers and prospects.

Produce is Brian’s favorite category to sell and his sales numbers show it. He explains how he explores new fruits and vegetables with children in all of the K-12 schools (which are about 40% of his business) that he is selling. Trial and error with students has been a real learning experience on what kids will and won’t eat because when it was not to their liking, they told him to never bring it again.

Brian’s advice to Greenhorns is a Mother Teresa quote: “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” Use every person on your team. Use your buyers, brokers, sales managers, inside sales, truck drivers, chemical specialists, credit manager…EVERYBODY, and together you’ll be successful.

According to Biggs, advice for DSR VETs who are sort of stuck in their sales growth and might need a kick start to get the fire back in their belly is that they should become a mentor to GREENHORN DSRs. Teaching and working with them has helped fire up Brian’s passion like when he first started.

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!