839: Donna Reynolds, Reinhart Foodservice, DSR of the month

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Donna Reynolds of Reinhart Foodservice – Cincinnati, Ohio has been inducted into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame as October’s DSR of the Month.

As a 15-year-old, Donna Reynolds began working in the foodservice business working at Church’s Fried Chicken and experiencing every job in the place, including cutting up the chicken. Now Reynolds has been a DSR for 21 years and continues to use what she learned from those experiences with her customers now when they have problems in their restaurant operations.

This DSR of the month gives some great examples of how she helps her customers with everything from hiring employees to taking “dog items” off of their menu. Donna shares her trusted network of contractors with her customers. These contractors (refrigeration, plumbers, grease trap cleaners, electricians, window washers, night cleaners, and equipment repairmen) come recommended by her other customers to get the work done right the first time and at the right price.

Reynolds tells how she uses her experience to deal with customers who are using multiple distributors and running to the box stores thinking they are saving money by doing so. She explains to them what is probably going on back at the restaurant while they’re away shopping, and if they would add up all the costs of what they are doing, how much money they’re really not saving.

Donna says that her specialists do a lot of work which enables her to grow and maintain her business. Her advice to other DSRs is that they’re “plain, flat losing out” if they’re not using their specialists every chance they can! She also gets great help from brokers when it comes to the very needed samples that help her grow her business.

Topics DSR of the Month Donna Reynolds talks about in her interview:

  • How she helps her customers post jobs on college job sites to attract a different kind of employee
  • Prospecting, DSR Hall of Fame simple tips that work
  • Dealing with customers who use multiple distributors and box stores
  • How to build trust with customers so they count on you (the DSR) as much as you count on them
  • What a DSR has to do to walk out with 100 line items versus 10 line items
  • How she builds her network of contractors that she refers customers to
  • Take advantage of VET DSRs who are slacking and letting off the gas pedal by not helping their customers
  • SAMPLES WORK, use them
  • The action items needed to be a real “partner” with a customer
  • Ask questions and then listen, customers always tell you what to do next

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