840 Operator Kevin Lozoya Buys 100% from DSR Tony…WHY?

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AFDR DSR Hall of Fame veteran, Tony Gonzales of Shamrock Foods earns the loyalty of many customers who purchase 100% of what they use from Tony.

Operator Kevin Lozoya of Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen in Albuquerque joins Tony and DSR Dave on this show to explain what he expects from Tony in order to keep all of Lozoya’s business.

“You have to be pretty much everything to a restaurant, but the owner,” Tony says about his approach of learning all the details of each customer’s business.

Kevin talks about what separates great DSRs from the rest of the pack of DSRs who continue to offer all kinds of perks, gimmicks and money to get Kevin’s business from Tony.   Lozoya has been in business for 30 years and really understands how the industry runs.

Kevin and Tony explain in detail why smart operators don’t fall for distributor gimmicks to gain business.

Topics discussed on this audio interview:

  • Kevin explains in detail why PRICE is not the most important factor when it comes to who he buys from.
  • Why loyalty to each other helps both Kevin and Tony make money.
  • Kevin trusts in Tony to make sure the prices he pays for products are always the right prices.
  • How Kevin counts on Tony to manage brokers and manufacturer Reps when it comes to products.
  • How Tony helps Kevin run his day-to-day operations.
  • What Tony does when Kevin finds a price on one of his products that is much higher than the competitors who are trying to get the business away from Tony.
  • How Kevin counts on Tony to tell him honestly when he finds something not right in his business.
  • How Kevin counts on Tony to always be finding new products for his menu.

Tony explains exactly how he learns his customer’s business well enough that they start trusting him like he’s a partner, and well enough that they buy everything from him.

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