846: Food Services of America’s CLYDE GASSERT, AFDR DSR of the YEAR

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Food Services of America’s Clyde Gassert,


The Association for Foodservice Distributor Representatives (AFDR) today announced that Clyde Gassert, a veteran DSR with Food Services of America in Boise, Idaho was honored with the prestigious DSR of the Year“award by AFDR’s DSR Hall of Fame.

Clyde Gassert was one of 12 AFDR DSR member candidates selected throughout the year for the DSR of the month award. “Being one of the 12 outstanding monthly inductees into the Hall of Fame is an honor in itself,“ commented AFDR CEO, DSR Dave Miesse.

Gassert has also won multiple sales awards at Food Services of America including:

  • Circle of Stars (3 times)
  • Sales Associate of the Year
  • 6 Million Dollar Club

Clyde’s dedication and pure love for his profession and the foodservice industry as a whole is contagious to all who come across his path. AFDR’s DSR Dave Miesse describes Gassert as one of the most passionate DSRs he’s encountered in the 35 years he’s been in the business. Clyde has been at it for 22 years and when you talk to him he has the excitement of someone who just started a new career!

DSR of the Year Gassert gives his secret (honey versus vinegar) on how to secure samples and how to work with peers, brokers and manufacturer reps. Just like being successful with customers, DSRs will need great relationships with brokers and manufacturer reps to get samples when they need them and to reach their business goals in the future.

In his interview, Gassert describes what DSRs of the Future will need to be successful, plus he gives insights on: 

  • Comparing DSRs to Cowboys rounding up the herd, but maybe without a horse in the future
  • What DSRs will be most counted on for by operators…and it’s not taking the order…
  • How technology will change how a DSR searches and finds products for operators
  • Why distributors will carry LESS inventory items while at the same time Clyde will have more to sell. The disruption has started.
  • Stocking slow moving inventory could be a thing of the past.
  • DSRs will need more help in the future from Brokers and Manufacturer Reps as he sees their role expanding.
  • Advice for Sales Managers to get the most out of DSRs would be motivation and playing a larger role in their DSRs’ routes/business.
  • Make it a good day, you are in charge of yourself and only you can determine the outcome of each day.

Congratulations to Clyde Gassert and Food Services of America from General Mills Foodservice, official sponsor of AFDR DSR Hall of Fame.

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