848: Restaurant Depot helps Independent Operator with cash flow and inventory

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Charlie Mansir, a Culinary Institute of America graduate chef and owner operator of Stonington’s Fried Shrimp in Orlando, Florida explains to DSR Dave why he and many other independent operators use Restaurant Depot versus a Broadline distributor.

This is a show that you’ll have to listen to if you’ve been wondering why so many smaller independent operators have turned to “The Depot” to help them make money and grow. AFDR has been interviewing operators that use Restaurant Depot for the past year, and Mr. Mansir sums up what most operators have told us.

Many DSRs and broadline distributors keep scratching their heads trying to come up with a strategy to lure operators back from pulling their own orders off the shelves at the “Depot”. Not only do these operators have to take the time, that most independent operators DON’T have, to leave their operations to drive there and back, but they also have to pull their own orders, pay for it up front and then load and unload their own orders in and out of their vehicles.

Even though it’s a pain, more and more operators justify the extra time and work for cash flow, getting only what they want when they want it, getting fresher product 7 days a week, and having more variety because they don’t have to purchase full cases that take up storage space that they don’t have.

Mansir purchases an average of $7000.00 per week and the opening of his second location is under way. He says that he has not been called on by any DSRs for over two years! WOW, $7K per week would make a pretty nice account.

Charlie gives tips to DSRs on what might get him to switch from buying from Restaurant Depot to a broadliner. He also talks about the number of DSRs who don’t call on him, and when they do call, how many never come back after the first call. It’s unbelievable…2 out of 10! No wonder Restaurant Depot is one of the fastest growing distributors in the country.

DSRs, you’re going to have to “…get up off that thing” and make the calls if you want good accounts like Stonington’s Fried Shrimp or they’re going to continue to help a very strong competitor grow even faster.

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