907: Two Massive Value Added Tips to help Independents and YOU

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DSRs, if you want your current customers (and prospects) to buy more from you, while at the same time taking price out of most conversations, try adding MASSIVE VALUE by using the following tips from some very successful DSRs.


Success for independent restaurant operators is determined by the quality of the guest experience. If the guest experience is pretty good or great at your customer’s restaurant, they will most likely be successful. If it’s not, you’ll soon be looking for a new customer to replace this one because they will be out of business or won’t be able to pay their bills.

The US consumer affairs office reports that a dissatisfied customer will tell between nine and 15 people about their bad experience and many of them will tell 20 or more people. For every customer complaint, there are 26 other unhappy customers who will remain silent!

The problem is that many independent operators don’t have the financial or human resources to have a wait staff trainer, or have the time to put together a detailed procedure for “great service expectations” for things as simple as getting beverage orders, delivery of appetizers, or length of time that it should take between placing an entrée order and delivering it to a guest.

  • DSRs can help recognize the guest experience at their accounts and ADD MASSIVE VALUE by taking action when necessary by helping those operators to implement systems designed to achieve a “GREAT” guest experience, and procedures to train the staff on how to follow the system.
  • DSRs, if your company does not have a specialist to help you and your customers with a project like this, do your homework and ask your other customers who have employee training handbooks if you can use theirs to learn. There are also plenty of free online resources you and your customers can use to learn.
  • One of the best methods I’ve used to get this process started with my customers was to take them to breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of my other customers who have great customer service so they can see, firsthand, where they might start to improve to create GREAT customer service.

They are using the forks, spoons and plates to serve up the food that you sold them; so in other words, you are helping to provide the stage for your supplies to perform on.


One of the greatest occupational hazards for independent restaurant owners is job burnout. Most operators spend an enormous amount of time at their establishment and spend very little time enjoying life or taking time away from their business.

As you know, in many cases your customers can’t afford to hire a general manager so they have to be there for things to go smoothly.


  • Many successful DSRs fill in as a general manager and run a shift or two every quarter, and sometimes every month for their independent operator customers so that they can get away for a few hours and try to enjoy life a little. These DSRs have established enough trust with their customers that when they leave them in charge, they know things will be fine.
  • To test this proven MASSIVE VALUE added action item, you might want to offer a couple of your best customers (because they trust you) a day that you’ll come in and work a shift or two while they are there so they can get comfortable with the idea. The first few times can be testy, but hang in there.

DSRs who are doing this now say that many customer requests are for the daytime hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so you might want to take a look at your calendar and offer one of those days and times.

BE CAREFUL using this tip, your customers might try to get you to buy the joint!!!  

  • Some of the DSRs who are doing this for their customers take their spouses with them to clean/do some handiwork around the establishment because operators don’t always see the dirty windows and such.

By the time you get done running your first shift, you’ll know exactly what you need to work on next to do more business with that customer.

DSRs, Be a Resource…
and Sell Something!