914: $10 Million DSR Leverages his Single Source Partnership Sales Program with Prospects

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Kelly Wall, a 12 year veteran at Y. Hata & Co., Ltd. in Oahu, Hawaii, explains in detail how he opens new accounts by educating prospects on how a real partnership works up front, and how it pays off for all parties involved!
Wall, who is a 2012 AFDR Hall of Famer, says that his approach is an educational process for the prospects and customers he’s calling on as many of them are doing business with quite a few distributors.
Kelly asks the customers to look at how the successful chains leverage the relationship of using a single source distributor to make more money than most independent operators do.  His approach is to show them how dealing with him and Y. Hata can help them reap the same benefits of having more time to run their business and make more profit.
Wall says that small independents really don’t have much buying power, and they don’t really have a lot of trust in DSRs, Distributors and Brokers.  They tend to have an “us vs. them” mentality.  Kelly tries to bridge that gap by making them understand that he’s on their side.
Wall’s customers consider him as one of their best employees, and they appreciate how his single source buying program can help influence more profit for all parties involved.
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