931: Two Different Kinds of Time to be Managed “Minutes” in your workday and the “Time of Opportunity” – The right or opportune moment in time to make that cold call, ask for the business, help with that menu, or provide suggestions is the time of opportunity/possibility.

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My good friend Amy describes the Time of Possibility or the perfect moment for action this way. She asks you to think about the times you have been at a club with friends and you met a person who you talked to all night, but never took a leap of faith and asked them out for a date…it was now or never!

If you want to break away from the herd and be more successful growing your business, you must not only be good at managing the time on the clock, but also be good at recognizing the “moment in time” that requires you to take action and fly with it.

When it all comes together, you’ll beat your goals, have your orders in on time, and be home on time to take the kids to practice.

DSRs, Be a Resource…  and Sell Something!