934: Connect Your Perspective to Your Purpose, Nobody Else Holds Your Keys To Success. It’s a real gift when somebody doesn’t agree with you, because they just opened a door or a window for you to see light through their lens.

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Sometimes it’s a chain reaction how one thing leads to another. Even bad things can lead to good things, and sometimes you try to do a good thing and it leads to a bad thing. Have you ever been stripped of your confidence and beaten down by your own thoughts or by words and criticism, and maybe even beaten down by your own habits?

You may be asking why people seem to be picking on you or wondering why it seems to be harder for you than for everybody else. If you want to fire up your business, you’ve got to be able to handle the heat. If you want to be on the frontline and be the one who advances and grows your business, you’ll be the one who faces the most heat. If you want something more in your business or desire to lead the way, you’re going to have to be able to handle what’s thrown at you.

Good DSRs must realize that you’re not everybody else. You want something more than everybody else wants it; you’ve got your eyes set on goals that are bigger than the rest of the herd. If you’re the one who’s going to set your business on fire, you have to be able to handle the heat!!

One also has to know not to be surprised that sometimes, even those who are there to help you advance   are the ones who may throw many of the hurdles in your way while you’re advancing; it’s human nature to many folks. Try to roll with those who might put up these hurdles and understand that since you’re on fire, this is part of the heat you must learn to withstand.

You might need to alter your perspective to get your chain reaction rolling. Your perspective is a product of your connections. When you connect your perspective to your purpose, nobody else holds the keys to your success.

One of the greatest gifts that people who are different than you can give to you is the wisdom of their perspective. It’s a real gift when somebody doesn’t agree with you, because they just opened a door or a window for you to see light through their lens. Thereby granting you wisdom that you might not     have otherwise been able to access. You’ll need all the different perspectives you can get if you really want to take it to the top.

When you start this journey, you’ll need help. You don’t want to go solo. You know how much easier it is to make a cold call when you have someone with you who knows what they’re doing. You’ll need a network, a team of all kinds of folks to start your chain reaction to help clear the way in your quest to advance. You’ve got to use all of the tools, specialists, dietitians, chefs, equipment folks and your management team.

If you work for a distributor that does not have these tools available, you will need to build your own support network team. We suggest building your team by using your customers and their trusted network of service providers by using the old school “Social Network,” word of mouth.

When you get down to it, really all that you have complete control over is your perspective. You can solve one problem, and another will take its place, so you’ll never really be in complete control of all of the problems that pop up daily. But over time, with practice, you can gain mastery of your perspective.

Be a Resource…and Sell Something!