940: Is DSR Role Playing the best way to help DSRs learn better ways to make cold calls? On this show we suggest having veteran DSRs explain how they really make those calls

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Is DSR Role Playing a Kid’s Game 

We’ve All Grown out of?

This is a MUST LISTEN to Audio Show

The worn out sales meeting tactic of role playing “cold calls” generates more opinions than nearly any subject we tackle.  DSR Dave Miesse and special guest Bill Hornung yak about the good, bad and ugly of role playing.  Is role playing really the best way to help DSRs with cold calls?  We think not.

DSR Dave explains that no matter how much peers try to act like a customer in a role play situation, there’s nothing like the real thing, and there’s no such thing as a wrong way to do a cold call if you are actually making the call!

Role playing feels…Artificial…Embarrassing…and almost Insulting to veterans. There are some more effective training alternatives to teach this necessary part of every DSR’s job.  Allowing veterans to stand up and explain how they make cold calls, and encouraging others to ask questions would be one example.

This is a must listen to show!

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!