February 2017, Liz Bray, Sysco, DSR of the Month

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Liz Bray, a 16-year sales veteran with Sysco – Kansas City, is the latest DSR to be inducted into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame as the February DSR of the Month.

Liz continues to learn everyday about how to adjust to the ever-changing marketplace in her rural territory in Northeast Kansas which is about 45 minutes from the warehouse. She lives in her territory so she knows just about everything that’s going on with foodservice establishments that are open or opening.

Bray started her career in the foodservice business working with a small restaurant chain and ended up being the director of operations running both the front and back-of-the-house. She says even with all of that experience, she was very surprised about what she did not know about the distributor side of the business. It took about two years for Liz to feel somewhat confident in her sales role, but it was around the five-year mark that she felt confident enough to train others and to help her customers with their operations.

As her business grows, her daily routine improves which really helps both her and her customers. Salesforce.com has been helpful with her routine, although it was a struggle to switch from her old-school planner in the beginning.

Using many of the tech-based sales tools Sysco has available like thedish.com and Test Kitchen have improved her ability to be a better partner and consultant, plus they enable her to help her customers to MAKE MONEY! Bray also shares in this audio interview how she continues to learn how brokers can be a major asset in her overall sales success.

During her interview with DSR Live! Liz praised her truck-drivers. Having a county route has been a great benefit for building relationships with each of her drivers because she has the same drivers each day of the week and they really look out for her. They communicate with her about everything going on in an account when she’s not there.

Liz has a passion and natural determination for the foodservice business that drives her. She considers herself a consultant to her customers and prospects, not a sales person.

Topics and sales tips Liz & DSR Dave discuss in her audio interview:

  • Greenhorns, set-up broker ride-withs once a week so you learn products faster.
  • Greenhorns, on a slow day work with a different Vet MA because everybody does it different.
  • Veteran Sale Reps that might need some motivation, make some cold calls in a different territory on different operator segments than you’re used to.
  • When making calls on your customers, make them look forward to seeing you–make their day.
  • Always having a plan on ways to help your customers on each visit will enable you to develop a relationship with them so they start to count on you for their success, and not one of your competitors!

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!

February 2021


DSR Years of experience:   16 years Annual volume:    2.7million Number of active accounts:   34 Average line items per stop:   28.7 Territory/City/Area where you sell:  Northeast Kansas (Leavenworth, Lansing, and Atchison, Kansas) Favorite type of account: Nursing homes.  Consistent weekly purchases, 3 meals a day, 365 days a year!
Best tools that help you sell:     Salesforce!  Although it was a struggle to switch from the old-school planner in the beginning…….it has definitely helped me to plan my calls! Where you learn about new products:   Sysco Test Kitchen. This site has links for recently added items or changes to Sysco branded items and popular trends/recipes by category.
Favorite website:     thedish.sysco.com, This website has all the links that I need!  (industry news, recipes, trends, etc.) I also use Facebook A LOT!  It enables me to do research on prospective accounts and help my customers market their business. Hobbies:   I love to re-do furniture.  Although, I do not seem to have enough time for that these days J
Favorite Brand to sell:   I love to sell our Butcher Block box beef.  My route is in a rural area of Kansas City.  The smaller pack size is not so intimidating to some of my smaller accounts; the trimmed loins make it easier for the business owner who may not have a trained meat cutter on staff; and the 21-day age is a plus too!!