Paul Body, Florida Food Service, DSR of the Month, January 2013

Paul Body is the first inductee of 2013 into the AFDR Hall of Fame, as the January DSR of the Month.  Body, a 20 year veteran, began by working in the warehouse, then driving a truck on a route, and finally  running other DSR’s routes while they were on vacation.

Body thinks that Greenhorn training should be done similar to the way he was trained, especially with working on a truck making deliveries.  Paul and DSR Dave concluded that customers tell drivers different things than they tell DSRs because the drivers are NOT trying to sell them anything.  If you as a DSR can get yourself in that same position, customers would probably respect you much more.

This Hall of Fame DSR works on Sunday sending market reports and pricing updates to his customers.  Body also spends a good deal of time working menu analysis for his customers looking for ideas and ways to help them make more money.

To ensure his customers are going to make money, not lose it, Body takes a sample, completely prepared like the customer would serve it, and breaks down the cost, figuring the price and profit at which they should sell it.  

Paul also has some good advice for DSRs who might be asking themselves if this job is for them.