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1002: Opening New Accounts Step-by-Step Action Plan Franke Hilson, veteran DSR with Ben E Keith, Little Rock, Arkansas division has a PROVEN, simple formula for opening new accounts that has been refined during his 20-plus years in foodservice sales. Franke does not look at his first call on a prospect as a “cold call.” He looks at it like this prospect might become one of his best friends in about a year or so; he’s looking for a future partner. Hilson says it’s more of an interview process, not a cold call.

1001: Achieve Sales & Income Goals in 5 Easy Steps The goal of this plan is to sell more cases to your existing customers. Customers who are currently buying from you would like to buy MORE FROM YOU if you would just present them a common-sense plan on why they should. The following 5 steps are how to get started versus going in each week and just getting another order. Start the process with the customers you already sell. 1. How much money do you want to make? Figure how much money you are currently making per case sold. 2. How many cases do you need to sell each of your customers to reach your money goal?